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Crypto Hyperinflation Protecting Dafi Protocol on BitMax after Successful DAO Maker SHO

Dafi the blockchain agnostic protocol creates synthetic crypto assets to protect any token economy from hyperinflation.
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The success of any crypto project relies on its adoption. The more users it has, the more chances of the project surviving and, ultimately, its token value rising to an acceptable level. To that end, one of the most common tactics used by decentralized projects all over the world is to have a token issuance method where early adopters are rewarded either by cheaper coins or issuance of a greater number, higher staking rewards, bounties, and other incentives to hold on and drive up the value, causing more people to join in. However, Dafi is one platform that believes that this method is ultimately flawed and comes straight with a solving solution.

DeFi is Broken Too

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has seen its biggest growth in the last 12 to 15 months, with more than $40 billion locked up in different platforms across every conceivable chain. Incredible as it is, the farming and yield in the industry have created a few significant problems:

  •  Oversupply: In a low-demand period, such as starting a project, the token supply is hyper-inflated. This drives down the value rather than create adoption. The oversupply becomes even more harmful when the demand drops, later on, creating shocks as people sell off the token in mass, crashing the value.
  • Unlimited Supply: Bitcoin, the forerunner of modern cryptocurrencies, created what is called a deflationary economy. Farming in DeFi projects is all about issuing new tokens constantly to stakers and pool providers, eventually leading to an inflationary economy, something that cryptocurrencies fight against.
  • Instant Profit Takers: Initial adopters of projects simply enter the market to seek out new platforms and join it as an early adopter only to sell off the tokens when they believe the initial rise has reached the maximum. These short-term investors and backers create more harm than benefit.
  • Market Crash: Remember what happened post-2017, the second last crypto rush? As demand for coins and tokens fell, people mitigate their losses by selling in mass, contributing to the already increased selling pressure, leading to a massive market crash.

Sustainable Adoption Through Dafi

The game in the long term for any project to survive is to tie down its token issuance in line with its network adoption. In the initial launch phase, when the network is in its growth stage and sees a lower adoption, the early adopters will be incentivized, but this time with reduced rewards.

Over time, as the network adoption increases as more users join the platform, the token issuance will increase in line, creating a delicate balance that sees a connection between these factors, leading to the platform’s healthy growth. If the network experiences a decline in demand, the Dafi protocol will again reduce the token issuance, constantly adapting in a response to ensure that oversupply of tokens is not caused.

In this way, any blockchain project can use the Dafi protocol to create a sustainable adoption plan of their platform and move away from the broken and flawed system currently being used by almost all of the crypto industry.

Synthetic Dafi Tokens

Dafi is unique in its method in that it allows any platform to deposit their native tokens onto the Dafi network and receive synthetic tokens in return. These synthetics are based on the Dafi protocol and then can be used by the original network, allowing them to link their network adoption with their token issuance.

The synthetic tokens can be used in several different DeFi and other platforms, with each platform capable of creating different flavors of tokens aimed towards their specific requirements, such as staking, liquidity provisions, bounty programs, etc.


Dafi even uses the same synthetic token controlled issuance in its Dafi staking. The DAFI is the native token of the platform and as a utility token is used for both staking on the network and Dafi’s governance model.

When DAFI is added as collateral (or staked), users are an issue with the synthetic dDAFI tokens as rewards, which are pegged to the network demand and adoption using its own Dafi protocol, thus rewarding long term users more than short term users, regardless if they are early adopters or not. The DAFI users can also use the tokens for voting in all changes made to the network and protocol, thus taking part in a truly decentralized economy.

Dafi Private Sale, SHO, and BitMax Listing

DAO Maker is a world-renowned crypto platform dedicated to weeding out the get-rich-quick schemes of short-term investors who put in a large influx of money in a project and then sell off as soon as the token gets a boom, ultimately crashing the value. The greedy investors walk away with their profits and a perfectly good project crashes and burns. You can find DAO Maker`s one-pager research on Dafi here and Dafi`s Litepaper here. Dafi`s notable private sale investors and partners are LD Capital, Moonrock Capital, AU21 Capital, Elrond Network, and the Royal Bank of Scottland

DAO Maker counters this with its innovative Strong Holder Offering (SHO). Only individuals and parties that have shown their long term interests in projects can only take part in the SHO, meaning that every project that does its SHO is backed by people who are sincere to the platform and are not in the game of making a quick buck by dumping their tokens into the markets. My Neighbor Alice, whom we have introduced to you earlier was also a DAO Maker Strong Holder Offering prior to the Binance Launchool offering.
Dafi ran a successful SHO with DAO Maker collaboration on 10th March 2021 and will be listed on the leading crypto exchange, BitMax, today, Wednesday the 17th March at 1 PM UTC,  with the DAFI/USDT trading pair. Dafi`s token DAFI is already listed on CryptoRank.

The Crypto-KOL Altcoin Buzz has featured Dafi as one of the hottest upcoming 100x crypto moonshots earlier this month. Risk warning: Do Your Own Research! Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades and purchases cautiously.

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Elrond Network, The Most Scalable and Secure Blockchain

Elrond Network the most scalable and secure blockchain
Elrond, ERD, eGLD, Blockchain, Maiar, dApp, Crypto, DeFi, Elrond network

When Bitcoin was launched back in 2008, the potential of blockchain, the technology behind it, was very underestimated. Decentralized in nature, the network acted as a massive computer, with hundreds of miners operating and updating the records. Fast and efficient as it might have been, blockchain technology hit a wall eventually.

The issue resided in its ability to scale. As more and more users jumped on a blockchain, the sheer load on the miners to process the transactions increased. Limited transaction speed meant a lot of the token and coin movement was delayed. To counter this, people usually resort to paying an increased fee, incentivizing the miners to record their transactions first. The ever-rising competition among users leads to a slow network with high transaction speed, essentially slowing down the network to a point where it is cheaper to use traditional methods of communication and funds transfer.

Elrond: Global Scalability and Speed

Envisioned as a blockchain that would become the backbone of all online communication, Elrond Network has been built from scratch. It is a public blockchain system that has a high throughput that offers one of the leading blockchain security and speed-related innovations that other major networks lack.

A few features that set Elrond apart from the other are:

  • Adaptive State Sharding: The ability to have parallel transaction confirmations instead of a serial method means a thousandfold more confirmations than the most efficient networks in existence.
  • Proof of Stake: While major blockchains keep on debating the move over to Proof of Stake from Proof of Work, Elrond already uses the PoS consensus. This makes it highly resource-friendly and gives better security along with speed.
  • Multiple Virtual Machine Engines: Rather than have a single VM that is bound to a specific coding, Elrond’s use of WASM Virtual Machine gives it a very strong secondary layer that supports smart contracts from different coding languages, allowing easy onboarding of users, tests, and eventual deployment.

DeFi 2.0: Autonomous Banking by Elrond

With 1.7 billion people around the world that don’t even have access to traditional and basic banking, Elrond Network has created a whole DeFi setup that is aimed towards bringing everyone, regardless of their finances and background, into the new world of economics. Elrond has identified three key metrics that a blockchain network should have: high bandwidth with low latency should be transparent and accessible globally.

A 6-second latency with thousands of transactions per second, completely transparent, and an average transaction cost of $0.001, Elrond fits the bill. Other aspects of Elrond that makes it the perfect blockchain system for the next iteration of DeFi are:

  • https://elrond.com/: Hedging against volatility, stablecoins are the backbone of any modern financial system. Elrond supports a multitude of stable coins such as BUSD and other European fiat ones that are pegged to EUR, NOK, DKK, CHF etc.
  • Non Fungible Tokens: With its own NFT standard, Elrond provides artists, musicians, and collectors the perfect opportunity to monetize their assets and sell them.
  • Launchpad: Any party or individual can launch their decentralized existence, from their own platforms, tokens, and even running their organization on it.
  • Swap: Automatic Market Makers are one of the cornerstones for any DeFi. These create market liquidity, allowing people to swap their tokens for others without the need of an intermediary like an exchange or a broker. At the same time, it allows liquidity providers the ability to passively earn. Elrond’s Swap feature will provide a seamless and near-instantaneous swap experience.
  • Lending: Borrowing and lending is a basic financial tool and coupled with Elrond’s ability to support multi coding language smart contracts, lending, and borrowing are made as easy as possible.
  • Synthetics: Tokenized financial instruments that represent an underlying asset, synthetics, and wrapped tokens create a whole new era of representing traditional assets, along with ownership and accessibility. You could be in China and own Tesla stock with a synthetic token.
  • Bridging: The final step in DeFi 2.0, bridging allows other blockchains to connect with the Elrond network and bring all the different networks to merge into one massive distributed network that leverages the high speed and security of Elrond.

Maiar: Redefining Banking

Maiar is a blockchain-based mobile payment app that is using the scalability and speed of Elrond to create a whole new economy where people are able to send and receive money as easily as sending a message. Instead of using complex strings of characters such as public and private keys, Maiar uses the mobile number as the key identifier.

Want to send money to another person? Simply identify his or her wallet through their mobile number. There are no complex setup processes and no need to remember passwords or anything else. Leveraging Elrond’s massive TPS power, users are able to send money in a near-instant manner.

Using blockchain means that the service is not bound by any financial institution as an intermediary to send money, leading to high throughput. The service is decentralized, always online, and borderless. With Maiar, everybody is their own bank, carrying it in their pockets.

With more than 200,000 users already signed up, sending, and receiving money, Maiar has changed how people transfer value.

The Elrond Gold

Last summer, Elrond shifted from a testnet to mainnet and launched its network to the public. Powering the mainnet is their EGLD token. Swapping with a 1000:1 ratio from ERD to eGLD, the token powers the whole Elrond ecosystem.

The eGLD is available on the largest crypto exchanges in the world, including Binance and Bithumb. Currently, it is priced at around $130 with a $2.3 billion market capitalization. As the DeFi 2.0 phase launches, the token’s value is expected to only rise.

Read here our first article about Elrond Network: https://blockstern.io/elrond-network-a-blockchain-platform-for-the-new-internet-economy/

My Neighbor Alice, the SHO got Listed on Binance, Gains 30,000%+ in Value

ALICE the SHO of DAO maker traded on Binance
Alice, bnb, dao, binance, dao maker, launchpad, sho, dyco

ALICE, the token powering the blockchain-based fantasy virtual game My Neighbor Alice is listed on the leading crypto exchange Binance today and it has mooned with an x300 increase in price as reported by CryptoRank. The success does not come unexpectedly, the two most successful startup-accelerators in recent years are boosting the multiplayer builder game My Neighbor Alice; Binance, and DAO Maker.

my neighbor alice dao maker sho
My Neighbor Alice, the SHO got Listed on Binance, Gains 30,000%+ in Value 3

ALICE: Your Entry to Lummelunda Archipelago

My Neighbor Alice is a virtual island fantasy game set in the fictional island chain of the Lummelunda archipelago. The aim of the game is to buy your own island and develop it through agriculture and raising animals. The island owners then can trade with their neighboring islands, exchanging ALICE for NFT based unique animals, resources, and other collectible items. Gaming connoisseurs remind this game of the Nintendo Switch bestseller Animal Crossing – indeed, there are similarities.

The game is powered by its native crypto token ALICE, which has just been listed on Binance and is also available on UniSwap and Gate.io. The launch on Binance has been met with great enthusiasm and the high demand of the ALICE token has seen it gain more than 300 fold in value at the time of writing.

My Neighbor Alice alice token
My Neighbor Alice, powered by the coin ALICE.

ALICE was successfully listed on the Binance Launchpool hardly a week ago, passing rigorous tests, both technical and feasibility wise by the exchange. Only a few handfuls make the cut and ALICE satisfied all requirements. Users are able to stake their BNB, BUSD, and CHR to farm ALICE and can now trade it on Binance against BTC, BUSD, and USDT.

DAO Maker SHO for My Neighbor Alice

Before its listing and launchpool on Binance, ALICE had conducted its Strong Holder Offering through DAO Maker, a fundraising platform famous for its unique, ethical coin offering method that sees only the most committed of people taking part in the event who can prove that they will back a platform. This creates a unique situation where funding is from people who are willing to invest in the betterment and long-term viability of a platform and are not in for the short-haul to sell off their tokens for instant profits.

DAO Maker only accepts the most promising platforms in its SHO fold and the inclusion of My Neighbor Alice shows how good the virtual fantasy game ecosystem is.

Read here our first Blockstern article about My Neighbor Alice: https://blockstern.io/my-neighbor-alice-gaming-with-blockchain-crypto-and-nft/

My Neighbor Alice, the SHO of DAO Maker Listed on Binance Launchpad. Now Farm ALICE Passively

My Neighbor Alice - on Binance Launchpad
My Neighbor Alice - a DAO Maker SHO, DAO, ALICE, Binance, launchpad, Incubation, NFT, Gaming, Animal Crossing

My Neighbor Alice, the decentralized virtual island fantasy game that allows users to create whole worlds, trade with neighbors’ digital NFT based assets is now available on the leading crypto exchange Binance.

ALICE, the native token that powers the game and acts as a medium of exchange, can be now farmed by Binance users easily through staking Binance token (BNB), Binance’s USD stable coin (BUSD), and Chromia token (CHR).

ALICE on Binance Launchpad

Binance, the leading crypto exchange, has been offering its users a dedicated service called Launchpad, where carefully selected platforms are given the chance to promote their tokens. Each platform and its token goes through a number of different checks and strict criteria before they are even considered for a listing.

My Neighbor Alice and its ALICE token’s successful selection on Binance Launchpad is a testament to the quality of the platform and the viability of the whole game. The staking service is now active and users can deposit their BNB, BUSD, and CHR in the Launchpool to automatically start its farming.

My Neighbour Alice the SHO of DAO Maker on Binance Launchpad

Farming details are:

  • Total token rewards: 3 million ALICE.
  • Pool reward allocation: BNB Pool 70%, BUSD 20%, and CHR 10%.
  • Farming Time: 10th March to 8th April 2021.

The rewards will be distributed daily, with the first 4 days seeing a total of 30,000 every 24 hours, with the rest having 60,000 ALICE rewarded per day. The rewards are calculated on an hourly basis with Binance taking snapshots of the user wallets and updated in the same manner.

The pool rewards are subject to change and the APY will be updated in real-time.

Digital and Decentralized: Virtual Paradise

My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain-based gaming platform that creates a virtual set of islands in the fictional Lummelunda archipelago. The game has a very different evolution than the real world, with animals and humans living together peacefully. Players build whole islands and perform different economic activities and can even trade with neighbors.

Each item in the game is defined by NFT, meaning that the virtual items are unique. NFTs represent all kinds of items, such as animals, buildings, and even the islands themselves.

Powering My Neighbor Alice is their native, ERC20 compliant ALICE token. With ALICE, users can purchase the NFTs, stake them for rewards and use the token within the game and real-world as a means of transfer of value.

ALICE Stong Holder Offering (SHO) by DAO Maker

ALICE is a sound project that has caught the attention of leading crypto platforms all over the world. DAO Maker, the premier platform for launching DeFi and other crypto-based platforms, had conducted their Strong Holder Offering (SHO) recently. Like Binance, DAO Maker has strict criteria and ALICE was able to make the cut. Read here DAO Maker`s one-pager on My Neighbor Alice.

The SHO saw sincere backers taking part in the offering, who were able to show that they are funding for a long term and are not into a quick-rich scheme where they would buy the tokens and then dump them after a certain profit.

Can My Neighbor Alice hold a candle to the gaming-pioneer Animal Crossing? Head over to Binance Launchpad today and take your part in the ALICE farming today. There is no announcement by DAO Maker yet if ALICE could also be farmed via the lately launched VAULT.

CryptoRank has already listed ALICE, the token of My Neighbor Alice: https://cryptorank.io/ico/my-neighbor-alice, and the token $ALICE is also already deployed https://etherscan.io/token/0xac51066d7bec65dc4589368da368b212745d63e8.

Save the date: NEM Snapshot launches Symbol on March 12th

SYmbol Blockchain will be launched on March the 15th
XYM Airdrop on Exchanges for XEM holder

On March 12th, around 00:50 (CET), the time has come. NEM, the 2015 founded and New Economy Movement called blockchain, enters a new era with its community, developers, and partners. This very day the NEM network will commence a snapshot, ultimately determining who will receive the native token of the Symbol blockchain aka Catapult. To be precise, the snapshot will take place at the height of block 3,105,500. Unlike on the old NEM blockchain, the new token will not bear the ticker XEM but the ticker XYM.

Participation in the snapshot is open to all users worldwide without restrictions. The only access requirement is an own wallet, which must hold at least 100 XEM on the event’s date. During the event, a snapshot of the network is taken, and all account balances are recorded. These are transferred at the start of Symbol on March 15th, and anyone who held XEM is qualified to receive free XYM at a ratio of 1:1. If you like to take part in the snapshot, you need to prepare your wallet accordingly. The snapshot is supported by Ledger, the NEM desktop client, and NEMs native mobile wallet (By the way, NEM is giving away 150 Symbol-branded Ledger wallets to its community).

Alternatively, users can choose to complete the snapshot on an exchange. To do so, they must deposit their XEM on an exchange that supports the snapshot. The most prominent trading exchange that allows its customers to participate is Binance, including Poloniex, Bitpanda, Huobi, Kucoin, and 23 more.

Symbol Supporting Exchanges NEM XEM XYM Blockchain snapshot
Exchanges supporting the opt-in and XYM the token of Symbol so far

Symbol is the Ultimate Blockchain and Smart Asset Platform

Symbol is a standalone blockchain that will eventually inherit the old NEM blockchain but not completely replace it. Therefore, at the snapshot, all users will receive XYM as an airdrop, but their XEM will retain its own market value. More importantly, Symbol is expected to achieve in the future and how this new blockchain plans to compete with other projects to gain traction.

While Symbol can also be used for payment purposes, its greatest strength lies primarily in their use by businesses, which can use Symbol to serve highly diverse use cases. At the same time, many elements already function in a modular fashion and, in this sense, allow for easy implementation into existing processes. At the same time, it is just as easy for developers to customize each of the individual aspects.

Another focus is on the symbol blockchain’s interoperability, which does not become a hermetically sealed system, but retains the necessary flexibility. This means that in the future, developers will no longer have to worry about whether a particular chain will become an exclusion criterion for their application, but can rely on having the necessary interfaces available at all times.

Mosaics – tokenizing assets made easy

An important foundation stone is laid with the so-called Mosaics. This is because they allow all possible and impossible assets to be tokenized. These can be tokenized ounces of gold, for example. Of course, other uses are also included because the Mosaics are so-called smart assets.

You could also use them to create event tickets or time-limited vouchers. The key here is also the high flexibility of Symbol. In the end, it is also very easy to create a standardized version of Mosaics.

In addition to their use as tokens, Mosaics also opens up the possibility of issuing stablecoins on the Symbol blockchain. Symbol’s new infrastructure thus covers all typical areas that are of economic importance in the context of blockchain technology and is ideally equipped for the future. 

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DeXe: Advanced Decentralized Social Trading for DeFi

DeXe the DeFi social trading
DeXe - Decentralized copying of successful traders

The longest crypto winter was over a few months back as cryptocurrencies shook off the dust last year and started gaining value. Nearly every token and coin has repeatedly broken its all-time high. This has led to another wave of interest by the public, and millions have started investing in it, especially the trading side, buying and selling to make profits.

However, for many people, trading can be a bit of a hassle. Cryptos have their own technical and fundamental indicators, with an ecosystem that’s global and doesn’t sleep. This makes it difficult for many people to trade and make profits.

Social Trading goes 2.0 with DeXe

So what’s the answer to the dilemma faced by novice traders? The answer lies in the concept of social trading. In social trading, people can select a professional trader of their choice and allow a trading platform to let their account follow the movements. Their own account similarly shadows each trade.

People can rest as the followed trader has the most expertise and insights through social trading, leading to always making the most informed exchanges. Since the social trader is only trading his or her own tokens, there’s an added benefit that he will always make trades that are in the best interest for his wealth generation.

For the novice trader who follows, this means that he has the best chance of making profits, and at the same time, since he is not actively trading directly, the activities can be a passive means of making some real profits.

DeXe: Decentralized Social Trading

DeXe is a platform dedicated to bringing the world of social trading to the world. Unlike other protocols that offer social trading, DeXe is not an exchange but a platform that connects different exchanges and allows its users to select any available trader to follow.

Using smart contracts, DeXe connects with different decentralized exchanges (DEXs) such as UniSwap and other major DEXs along with 1INCH routing protocol to offer a wholesome trading experience. Simultaneously, the platform understands that many major traders are currently using centralized exchanges (CEXs), which is an untapped potential. Merging the world of DEXs and CEXs, DeXe uses its dedicated plugins to interact with the CEXs, creating a holistic environment where any user can follow their preferred trader, whether on decentralized exchanges or mainstream centralized ones.

Services currently offered by DeXe are:

  • Wallet to Wallet Copy Trading: Use a smart contract to connect your wallet with another and copy trade what the user does, without the wallets ever interacting directly. Connect your Telegram account, and you will be kept up to date on what trades are being done on your behalf.
  • Decentralized Tournaments: Top traders can compete to be the lucky winner to not only win massive rewards but become fund managers of DeXe, allowing the platform (and themselves) to increase their profits and assets. The competition already has 300+ registered UniSwap participants.

Other innovative services that will integrate into the DeXe environment include:

  • Network Investments: A unique asset management tool for social trading that is completely autonomous, it allows for any DeXe user to issue their custom-made LP tokens and its relevant pool against their staked tokens.
  • Wallet Info: A one-of-a-kind transparent platform to view any trader wallet on the DeXe network, with the ability to see their trading PNL. This will help users select the right trader to copy, increase their chances of profits and mitigate losses.
  • Limit Swap: Three different limit orders, such as Limit Order for DEX, Partial Limit Orders (against a trigger price) and a unique DEX/CEX Limit order for a finer degree of control over when the orders are placed for exchanging assets.

Crypto social trading is a big thing, but the largest issue faced is multiple platforms, leaving novice traders confused on which one to select. DeXe solves this issue by becoming a bridge between different DEXs and giving CEX traders the ability.

The DeXe Partner Network

While being under the radar for the broader crypto community, DeXe`s business development team follows the vision: Sync with the best industry players. Notable partnerships of DeXe are Elrond Network, Orion Protocol, NEM, StaFi, DexTools, and DAO Maker.

DAO Maker is famous for selecting crypto startups and platforms that have created something unique for the world. DeXe, with its innovative holistic social trading protocol, is another platform DAO Maker has partnered with.

DAO Maker has already backed or advised many different unique and established DeFi projects, such as Injective Protocol, Orion Protocol, Evolution Finance, Aluna, Dafi, HAPI, Open Predict, Yield Protocol, and many more.The DeXe token(DEXE) is traded on exchanges like Binance, Gate.io, MXC, Wazirx, HotBit, Bilaxy, HitBTC  Uniswap, and Pancake. You can find the DEXE OnePager here on Cryptorank.

DeXe dezentralized trading competition with orion nem und stafi

Currently, DeXe runs a decentralized trading marathon for its Partners Orion Protocol, DexTools, StaFi, NEM, and many more on Uniswap.

Trustless Oracles of DeFi: HAPI, The Next SHO of DAO Maker Creates Secure Data Input Protocol

HAPI the hacker prevention for of Smart Contracts and DeFi

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has undoubtedly changed the world. The ability to dabble in the financial system does not require any trust. It is automated by smart contracts under which the agreed-upon rules are executed without the involvement of any intermediaries and, thus, helps the whole ecosystem run efficiently. It requires no reset or sleep, and the coding is free from any commissions.

This has created a system where people can be involved in different financial and economic activities that benefit both sides. One party gets higher profits since no escrow service charges a fee, while the other party gets lower interest rates. However, this self-acting system of smart contracts has a significant weakness related to data verification.

False Prophets and Lying Oracles

The quality of smart contracts depends on the quality of data they contain. If the input is airtight and verified, the computer-coded agreements will be executed flawlessly. On the contrary, if the contract’s information is manipulative or false, this can cause many issues.

For example, let us consider a smart contract that allows Bob to take out a stable coin loan under the collateral of 10 ETH with a loan to value (LTV) ratio of 80%. Bob decides to take a loan with an LTV ratio of 50%. The ETH is deposited in the smart contract, and the required stable coins are released. As the interest rate keeps increasing and the ETH value fluctuates, Bob can continue using the loan until its LTV ratio reaches 80%. When the 80% mark is crossed, the contract will liquidate the held ETH and give the lender his due, while the remainder will be transferred back to Bob.

Contracts like this are a standard in the DeFi ecosystem, and there are hundreds of airtight agreements. The weakness in this whole endeavor stems from where the current ETH is being picked up. Most contracts rely on oracles or data providers to this end, and this is the chink in the metaphorical armor. What if the oracle data is not correct? The market value could be lower than reported in the contract, and Bob would suddenly find his ETH liquidated and lost forever.

HAPI: Blockchain Secure Oracle

HAPI is a cross-chain smart contract setup that combines data, machine learning, oracles, and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to create a new ecosystem that deploys publically verified and reputable data providers to ensure that only the oracles with good track records that can prove the validity of their information are used in the crypto sphere.

Oracles are chosen via the voting process in the DAO, where participants select their preferred oracle’s data provider and decide on the winner based on the integrity of its data and morality.

Along with the accuracy of the provided data, the use of machine learning can identify any suspicious activity and block the action to create a secure environment where hackers and other malicious parties will not be able to siphon off coins and tokens. As a cross-chain system, HAPI can extend the anti-hacker services to different blockchains so that a self-acting, community-driven police force will be established to stamp out hacks in the crypto economy forever.

HAPI Use Cases

HAPI has three-pronged attack strategies that help stakeholders of any crypto activity to ensure their protection from any kind of evil that plagues the cryptocurrency movements today:

  • DEXs: DEXs, oracles, and the HAPI smart contract will be able to identify wallet addresses known for transferring stolen tokens or even the suspicious ones. DEXs can take this data and block any transactions to nip hackers in the bud effectively.
  • CEXs: While centralized exchanges may not have the smart contract capability to stop people from performing fraudulent activities, they can still help as the digital thieves will need an exchange to trade in their stolen tokens for money or other coins. The centralized CEXs will be able to identify incoming tokens’ wallet addresses and withhold the assets until the situation is resolved. This creates a significant deterrent.
  • High-Risk Tokens: The smart token contracts that have not been audited can be highlighted, and traders will be warned of possible frauds and scams to prevent the steal of money.

HAPI’s SHO on DAO Maker

Supporting HAPI or not, this shouldn’t be the question. It`s more about: Are you happy with the current cybersecurity situation? Do you recognize the problems we face in crypto? Are you willing to fight against cybercrime? Well, HAPI won`t be the swiss knife for all the problems we have with smart contracts, exchanges, and DeFi – but it could be your first action to strengthen the crypto ecosystem. You can back HAPI by participating in its token sale. 

There will be a public IDO on the platform of Poolz on the 10th of March, the participation whitelist is already open. Poolz is a decentralized cross-chain IDO platform, built on top of web 3.0 network.

Another public token offering will be on the platform of DAO Maker within its Strong Holder Offering (SHO) program. DAO Maker is a startup accelerator created by investment-veterans of the 2017 bull run. The 2018 funded company has backed and supported many projects during the bear market, like LTO Network, Elrond Network, and Orion Protocol. Notable customers of the startup forge are Avalanche, Injective Protocol, Seascape, NEM, Ecomi, Harmony Protocol, 2key Network, AnRkey X, Yield Protocol, VAIOT, My Neighbor Alice, OpenPredict, Dafi Protocol, Aluna, and many more.

The project HAPI is also supportet Key Opinion Leaders by Ivan on Tech and BoxMining.

$HAPI – REVOLUTIONARY On-chain Cybersecurity Protocol | The next GEM in DeFi

Aluna Social Lets You Copy Professional Traders and Learn

ALN Social Trading
Aluna Social Trading

Crypto trading has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for people all around the world. Lowering barriers, ease of purchase, and the immense rise in value have meant that people who could not take part in the traditional trading environment can now try their luck at increasing their wealth.

However, with the ease of crypto trading come more complexities. Crypto trading is a lot different than buying or selling stocks or ForEx. The technical indicators are different and fundamental ones have far-reaching influence. Fortunately for people who face difficulties in adapting, there is Aluna Social.

Earn While You Learn With Aluna

With vast choices of exchanges and fresh tokens being introduced every day, it can be difficult for many people to choose which coin to trade. Plus, the plethora of incoming data can lead to information overload, with the crucial piece of news buried even before the trader gets a chance to check it.

In this flood of information and data, what is an average trader to do? Aluna Social helps by creating a trading platform that has a few tricks up its metaphorical sleeves: 

·   Copy Trading: Users can connect with a signal provider and follow their trading movements. Selecting a preferred trader from the leaderboard, users only need to define the crypto amount they want copy traded. When the chosen signal provider makes a trade, the follower’s cryptos are automatically traded similarly. Users are free to select their signal provider, be it a risky trader, risk-averse, or a long-term one.

·   Counter Trading: An entirely new game, counter trading allows Aluna Social users to cherry-pick traders whom they think are the least profitable or run into losses. Counter trading will use the same principle of copy trading. Still, this time the automated trades will be made in the opposite direction. This enables users to make profits even when the signal provider runs the chances of going in the red line.

·   Insights Feed: No need to sift through a mountain of data when users and traders can exchange vital information on time, giving them the chance to make the right decision at a crucial stage in trading. Every person who provides insight has a complete profile listed for people to see and ensure that they have the proper experience and reputation for making the claims. This helps in thwarting any attempts to influence trades or fraud.

Through the unique socializing and automated trading, anyone can register on Aluna Social and start to learn to trade and earn at the same time by following only the best traders, copying their strategy and gaining experience to one day be one of the top traders themselves.

Other Aluna Benefits

Aluna is not just about following people; it gamifies the whole social trading concept and pushes both signal providers and followers to strive to improve themselves. Three different gamification concepts exist in Aluna Social. The pari-mutuel pools power in each social gaming. Participants commit their tokens as a show of sincerity and commitment for making decisions to the best of their knowledge.

Binary Outcomes allows people to answer simple questions on different events or future movements of cryptocurrencies. Users can gauge the majority’s opinion with the answers aggregated and presented indefinable values and make traders on the bullish or bearish response. Voting can only be done if users add their tokens to the parimutuel pool.

Social trading prediction games allow Aluna users to join betting on particular trades going in the preferred direction. These trades can be from any signal provider, and players are rewarded if the trade predictions are correct.

Users can also wager on the traders within the ecosystem, betting on who will top the leaderboard and give their feedback on key performance indicators such as trader performance, the risks taken, and the consistency in profitability. This will enable other users and traders to make better decisions on which people to follow for insights and copy trading.

Another unique feature of Aluna is that users can deploy APIs and connect their different crypto exchanges into one interface. This way, the signal provider and the follower can be on various exchanges and still make their preferred trades and profit from the experienced player.

ALN Powered Social Trading

Aluna Social is the latest project that has been evaluated by the globally renowned DAO Maker and has made the cut to be its latest Strong Holder Offering (SHO) token distribution. The SHO is live now with 3 million ALN up for grabs. ALUNA (ALN) is an ERC-20 compliant token that traders can use on the Aluna Social platform and power their social trading and gamification.

Head over to Aluna Social today and register to make profits through social trading.

DAO Maker`s research page on Aluna Social: https://daomaker.com/sho/aluna-social

ParaState: Unlocking Ethereum Smart Contract Functionality with Polkadot

Parastate ethereum on steroids with polkastarter

Ethereum was the first blockchain ecosystem that allowed the use of smart contracts to create a virtual agreement, the functionality allowed the network users to interact in a number of ways that involved their digital assets, without the need of an intermediary. Today, the DeFi economy practically runs on smart contracts. 

ParaState to solve current Issues of Ethereum

However, as big and popular as Ethereum is, it is lacking in a lot of ways when it comes to being used as a backbone for DeFi projects: 

·   Weak Smart Contracts: Smart contracts built on the Ethereum backbone are first-generation ones, which leads to different ways that these can be exploited. Furthermore, they have limited functionality, essentially putting roadblocks to unlock their true potential.

·   Limited Programming Language: Using outdated Solidity as a base programming language, smart contracts deployed on Ethereum and its sidechains offer much less flexibility than its counterparts.

·   Slow Performance: No matter how fast DeFi projects claim to be, ultimately they are dependent on the main Ethereum blockchain. This bottleneck means they can never achieve their desired performances. One example is the TPS, or transaction per second. The latest figures put it at roughly 14 transactions per second, an extremely low rate for the sheer number of projects running off it.

·   High Gas Fees: As the most popular blockchain for platforms and projects, there has been a huge load on the Ethereum network and this has led to the very high gas fee for timely confirmation of transactions.

ParaState: WebAssembly on Ethereum

These and other issues are seriously hindering Ethereum based platforms to perform. People using other networks are faced with a big issue: is it worth shifting their assets to Ethereum for a higher, but slower and more expensive yield? 

DeFi platforms like Polkadot are using advanced smart contract execution environments which are the next-gen runtime engine for their blockchain system. With better support, created toe used on a variety of hardware and software configurations, OS, and programming languages, WebAssembly is fine-tuned for performance and outstrips Ethereum Virtual Machine’s Solidity.

For dApp developers and smart contract enabled platforms, this raises a critical issue. Either they can go for the most popular Ethereum EVM and build slower and inefficient systems or opt for the better and speed-oriented WebAssembly. For them, they cannot have the best of both worlds and are limited to one system.

Not true now, as ParaState is one project that is all set to change this and give a third, much better option. The ParaState suite of software allows porting of the most famous non-Ethereum projects to the EVM. Using its Pallet SSVM, any blockchain platform can become Ethereum compatible, letting them enjoy the speed, throughput of the advanced systems on the largest blockchain ecosystem.

The reverse compatibility is also possible, allowing the existing smart contracts built on Solidity on the Ethereum network to be deployed without any alterations. Developers are further assisted by the vast community and the ability to code in more than 20 different languages.

The TPS is also drastically increased this way, covering the performance shortcomings of Ethereum. Along with this, ParaState is pre-packaged with a complete DeFi system for projects to rapidly deploy. With support for stablecoins, lending and borrowing protocols, price indexing through oracles, and DEX support of Uniswap, it has everything projects need to use the speed of the latest in ecosystems and the popularity of Ethereum at the same time. ParaState is fully compatible with tools and platforms like Metamask and Uniswap, all features will be available on ParaState at network launch.

STATE of Interoperability

To fund its development activities, ParaState Foundation and ParaState use STATE, a native token for the whole ecosystem. All of the STATE tokens will be pre-mined with a fixed supply.

All the components of ParaState, including the pallets, SDKs, and toolchains are open source and available for anyone to download, view the coding and deploy. The development of the tools and resources is overseen by the not-for-profit ParaState Foundation. Each on-chain transaction’s fee (the ParaState gas) would see 20% of the charges being sent to the ParaState Foundation developer fund. This automatic collection of the fee would lead to funds being collected for the foundation. Along with a set portion of the STATE token supply, the collected fee would be then in turn used by the team to sell the tokens in the market to pay for development costs, programmers’ and member’s salaries, etc.

In the near future, it can be expected to see a public IDO of ParaState`s token STATE, on a launchpad like DAO Maker, PolkaStarter, Poolz, ZENDIT, LaunchPool, or Paid Network. Follow us on Twitter and Telegram and don’t miss any updates.


Evolution Finance Frees Trapped Liquidity and Aims At A Lending Market 10x Than Others

evn evny evolution finance
defi evn evny evolution finance

There’s no doubt DeFi has completely changed how the world looked at finances. Cryptocurrencies have been hailed as the savior of the masses, but it is DeFi that is deliverance. Providing the maximum benefit to its users, Evolution Finance is a DeFi platform that has been built from scratch, not as a competitor to other DeFi platforms, but to shape the lending landscape forever as it creates an ecosystem that tackles the most significant issues in decentralized finance today.

Unlocking Liquidity: DeFi

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s look at what exactly is DeFi. A broad term that covers a range of cryptocurrency-based economics, decentralized finance today, is referred to as platforms that allow people to deposit their assets as collateral and receive loans against these.

Many of you might think, Why not go to a bank instead? Well, for once, you may be right. Getting loans from banks is easy, and with so many product offerings, there are many flexible choices. However, it’s the banks and financial institutions themselves that are the problem. Create a hypothetical situation where you need to finance a small business that you have always dreamt of. To get money for starting it, you will probably go to a bank or another institution for a loan. They would scrutinize your application, look up your credit score, ask you to deposit any asset as collateral (probably your house), etc. and then give you money that is less than your collaterals combined. Plus, they will charge a hefty interest.

On DeFi platforms, the whole process is made extremely simple. You log in, find a product that suits you, and simply deposit the required cryptocurrency in a smart contract and take the loan. There are no paperwork, credit review, or financial checks, and you get the loan at a much lower interest rate since there is no intermediary like a bank.

DeFi has become very popular in the past year, with a locked value above $43 billion at the time of writing, and is expected to continue to grow as people move away from traditional institutes and move towards a more flexible and cheaper alternative.

Not All That Glitters is Gold

Though DeFi is claimed as the most significant thing to happen in the field of cryptocurrency, it has a few drawbacks that are in dire need to be addressed.

The biggest problem is perhaps the use of multiple ecosystems. Though most of DeFi platforms today are running on the Ethereum blockchain, others use TRON, NEW, and other networks. Some even have their own, making it difficult for people with incompatible tokens and coins to get on board. Consider this: if you had an ERC-20 compliant asset and would prefer to gain profits on using a platform that utilizes the TRC format, your only option would be either to forgo the opportunity or to sell off or exchange your held assets into the ones that the platform would accept (with a different profitability ratio).

Farming is the second issue that is most ignored. The process of being rewarded in the native tokens to take part in the DeFi platform and committing your assets is called farming. The longer and more you stake your coins in the pool, the more rewards you get. To ensure that there is always a hefty supply of farmed tokens for its users, decentralized platforms create tokenomics with the tokens’ ongoing issue, leading to inflation and devaluation of the coins in the long run.

Evolution Finance: Holistic and Deflationary

As in its name, the platform is all set to bring about an evolution in the financial game. A DeFi system that caters to the most crucial problems facing the industry at the moment.

Rather than have a new DeFi platform that offered yet again a service that other ecosystems are, Evolution Finance has decided to provide different tokens on its platform, even ones that are not native to its blockchain.

The first step was the selection of the top 50 coins that are most popular in DeFi industry. As most of them were native ERC20 based, Evolution Finance was created on the second-largest coin’s network, allowing for maximum tokens to be added in its financial setup. Secondly, for the tokens and coins that are not on the Ethereum blockchain, Evolution Finance decided to create wrapped tokens for each ERC compliant.

Wrapped tokens on Evolution Finance are basically ERC compliant tokens backed by the original coin in a 1:1 ratio. For example, if you want to enjoy the meteoric rise of BTC, but have only ETH, you could deposit your ETH and get wBTC, which is ERC based token that represents the price of Bitcoin. This way, you can lend and borrow in BTC on Evolution Finance.

Secondly, rather than have an inexhaustible supply of its native EVN, it is limited to only 300,000 tokens in totality. This means as more and more people join, the token would get scarcer and jump in value. Furthermore, a small portion of the tokens will be burnt, creating pressure on EVN’s upward value.

Our Take on the Project

Evolution Finance is a one-of-a-kind DeFi project set to free the whole industry from trapped liquidity that’s spread across different platforms. The project has caught the attention of major players in the industry, including DAO Maker, which has a streak for backing up projects that have the potential to grow big.

Using its unique approach to allowing lending and borrowing of non-native coins through wrapping and having a deflationary token that is not only limited in quantity, but a portion is burnt constantly to dwindle its supply, Evolution Finance is all set to reshape the DeFi market.

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