Elrond Network

Elrond Network – a Blockchain Platform for the New Internet Economy

Bitcoin was envisioned in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto as the modernization of current currency systems, bringing in a change of freeing people from the...
SYmbol Blockchain will be launched on March the 15th

Save the date: NEM Snapshot launches Symbol on March 12th

On March 12th, around 00:50 (CET), the time has come. NEM, the 2015 founded and New Economy Movement called blockchain, enters a new era...

ParaState: Unlocking Ethereum Smart Contract Functionality with Polkadot

Ethereum was the first blockchain ecosystem that allowed the use of smart contracts to create a virtual agreement, the functionality allowed the network users...
ALICE the SHO of DAO maker traded on Binance

My Neighbor Alice, the SHO got Listed on Binance, Gains 30,000%+ in Value

ALICE, the token powering the blockchain-based fantasy virtual game My Neighbor Alice is listed on the leading crypto exchange Binance today and it has...
Elrond Network the most scalable and secure blockchain

Elrond Network, The Most Scalable and Secure Blockchain

When Bitcoin was launched back in 2008, the potential of blockchain, the technology behind it, was very underestimated. Decentralized in nature, the network acted...