DeFiner announced to be the second Strong Holder Offering (SHO) by DAO Maker

OpenPredict, the first SHO based on DAO Maker`s token sale model, achieved an insane ATH-ROI of 12.400% last month and is shuttling currently at 5.000% ROI according to Cryptorank.

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OpenPredict, the first Strong Holder Offering based on DAO Maker`s token sale model, achieved an insane ATH-ROI of +12.400% last month and is shuttling currently at +5.000% Return of Investment according to Cryptorank.

Where most projects still take the path of ICO`s or IEO`s to offer their tokens to the community, DeFiner has decided to protect investors and the DeFi startup`s interest with an SHO. It has made a strategic partnership with DAO Maker to hold a Strong Holder Offering (SHO). SHO is a unique token sales system developed by DAO Maker to ensure that project launches do not become a pump and dump scheme and creator of an unneeded token.

Who is DAO Maker?

DAO Maker is a consulting agency and software provider that offers services to startups in the blockchain space. DAO Maker`s blockchain agnostic Social Mining Software has powered many established blockchain and crypto projects. Such as LTO Network, Elrond Network,  Harmony Protocol, AVA Labs, 2key Network, NEM, and DEFI unicorn OpenPredict.

Orion Protocol, DAO Maker`s first DYCO client, seems to be the next Social Mining integrator. The clients of DAO Maker need to pass strict due diligence procedures to qualify for their exclusive services. The average ROI of DAO Maker`s client portfolio is at +3.000%, the ATH (All-Time High) Return Of Invest at incredibly +5.300%. DAO Maker is an Estonia-based company with licenses for fiat-processing and cryptocurrency custody. Its platform has the option to provide top-notch KYC/AML services as well as modern fundraising tools.

Introducing the Strong Holder Offering (SHO) Philosophy

Dumping (flipping) the tokens into the markets without any buying power straight after an ICO/IEO have turned the crypto space into a money grab. The Strong Holder Offering model is inspired by the urge to protect DAO Maker`s community and client`s interests and reward the loyal, strong holder.

DAO Maker`s software takes into consideration how sincere the investor has been with the last investment. This is based on what is called a Hodl Index. The Hodl Index calculates the amount of last SHO (OpenPredict) tokens deposited in the wallet multiplied with the time the tokens have been held.

The longer a person holds tokens, the higher the Hodl Index will receive more lottery tickets. Dumping the tokens into the market and pushing the courses down has also a bad effect on the Index. A similar system was applied to the Dynamic Coin Offering (DYCO) of Orion Protocol, a DeFi liquidity aggregator platform, and protocol. In Orion`s case, the hodl of Elrond Network`s token ERD (eGLD now) was crucial to get lottery tickets. Orion`s current Return Of Invest is at +2500% and had an ATH-ROI of +7,000%.

Knowing the best (strong & loyal) investors, DAO Maker is ranking and honoring them with the option to participate in new token offerings. The lottery tickets give the investor the chance to access more projects and tokens of an SHO or DYCO and eliminate harmful and short-term thinking investors in one fell swoop. Now that DeFiner has teamed up with DAO Maker, users holding the last SHO token, OpenPredict’s OPT can take advantage of their OPT holdings to get their hands on the decentralized lending loan market.

TL;DR the Whitepaper of DeFiner

DeFiner is a 2018 founded DeFi platform for decentralized digital asset financial services, specifically a lending platform where users can deposit and borrow digital funds. Depositors and borrowers both accumulate interest over time, which is earned by lenders and paid by borrowers. The dezentralized platform powered by the protocol is broken down into two products: a digital asset savings account (made up of lenders) and a peer-to-peer lending marketplace (for supplying borrowers). DeFiner removes the need for third parties from its financial ecosystem, as it allows to “control the keys to your auto-insured account, which is also optimized for Yield”, by using blockchain technology to track all loans and transactions, providing ultimate security for users.

As for “automatic insurance and optimization”, the point is that people deposit a lot and borrow a little. Because of this, the lending pool is large and the rewards are scanty. So, DeFiner lends funds that were not used inside the system using special algorithms to where it can bring more money.

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