• Evolution Finance is targeting a 10x greater market than any other crypto lending platform. Thus DeFi lendings will soon surpass DALPs.
  • Crypto borrowing/lending is led by Digital Asset Lending Platforms (DALPs) like Binance, Bitfinex, Blockchain.com, BlockFi, Celsius Network, Genesis Capital, Nexo, and Bitcoin Suisse – per an article published by Blockchain.com on Medium.
  • A total value of $12.13B is locked in lending, according to DeFi Pulse. While the global crypto market capitalization is at $1.09T according to CryptoRank. However current DeFi solutions target only a $6.2B market volume of crypto assets.
  • Deflationary farming of Evolution Finance is a pioneering problem solver for current liquidity providers.
  • DAO Maker has advised Evolution Finance during its token design and will assist Evolution Finance in community development, staking, partnerships, and marketing.

DeFi lending protocols, DeFi’s most prominent application to date – will soon surpass DALPs

Many projects in the DeFi space are trying to fulfill promises based on the developers’ hope to create a product that will ultimately reward them for their work. In many cases, that plan is working out because they copy an already existing and working product with market demand. But they fail to create something outstanding and visionary that is going to be a real game-changer.

Evolution Finance is trying to be that revolutionizing game-changer. It’s not only targeting the $52B liquidity market with an improved protocol and a fair token distribution model that will be accessible to every member of the global crypto community. Evolution Finance also capturing a 10x higher market than any other existing lending platform like Celsius Network, Compound, and AAVE.

Both centralized and decentralized lending markets are the second-largest niche of the crypto industry, just behind the crypto exchanges. While DeFi products on Ethereum blockchain are a well-proven market, many top assets are still locked out from the lending market. Evolution Finance goes far beyond ERC20 by using renVM to port top assets like eGLD, AVAX, XEM, DOT, TRX, or even DOGE to Evolution Finance.

Evolution Finance Defi

One of the main problems of most lending protocols is their inflationary token model, which means that liquidity providers are rewarded with tokens that are freshly minted and raise the supply of the respective token. And this is precisely the crucial point where Evolution Finance will become not only the game-changer for DeFi but also the evangelist of a new, economically sustainable token model.

EVN Token of Evolution Finance and its metrics

Evolution Finance’s very own EVN token is distributed through a fair model, and all tokens are available to the public. The whole supply of EVN will be added to the Uniswap liquidity pools from the very beginning. Other protocols like Celsius Network or Compound only offer 50% of their respective tokens to the public. EVN is a utility token that is used for privileges on the lending market, while EVNY is the LP token of Evolution Finance.

All liquidity added for EVN tokens is permanently locked. EVN is a deflationary token, meaning that the supply is reduced with every transaction in the network. The locked liquidity will ensure that EVN tokens will have a price floor from day one.

At the current valuation, EVN is worth $300.000, which is tiny compared to other protocols who easily range between $700 million and $1.8 billion. Needless to say, EVN’s potential to grow is very huge, and it only needs to capture an insignificant portion of the market share to take off.

Deflationary Farming applied by Evolution Finance is a problem solver

Other protocols reward stakers and liquidity providers by constantly minting new tokens. This will naturally create a price drop that will increase over time, which correlates with the increasing total supply. The key feature of Evolution Finance is that it pays rewards while avoiding inflation at the same time.

In fact, it is not only avoiding it; with the deflationary approach, it offers the exact opposite model. This has a disruptive potential that the market has not seen yet. It is not only attractive to seek out rewards for liquidity, but it is also appealing to hold on to these rewards instead of dumping them on the market to secure a return on investment.

At its launch, everyone will be able to buy the token as soon as the smart contract goes live. Meaning that all market participants will have the same starting position, and none will be favored securing a fixed amount from the very beginning. It is advised to keep attention to official social media accounts to ensure your position from the very beginning.

A top network backs Evolution Finance

Noteworthy are the development partners of Evolution Finance: DAO Maker, Ferrum Network, Blockchain Strategy, Arcadia Group, CipherBlade, HBK-GoChain, and many more are providing their network, experience, and know-how to Evolution Finance – which makes it not only a potential Unicorn but likely a Decacorn. DAO Maker has announced to add EVNY, the LP Token of Evolution Finance to its DAO reward pool.

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